June 2019 Leadership Training Event Cancelled

Fifth District PTA Association Leaders,

Fifth District PTA generally holds its leadership training mid-June.  However, due to last minute construction changes in key areas of the high school location, the committee has decided to delay the training until early September.  With the school year starting in August for most schools, the knowledge gained would immediately impact your PTA and the association. More information will follow as it becomes available.

The Fifth District PTA website’s District Board page will be updated on July 1st with the new Fifth District PTA officers’ names. You may contact any Fifth District PTA officer anytime from the Fifth District PTA website.

Our district leaders have been planning for the new PTA term that starts on July 1st, since the election in April. CA PTA will be sending their summer mailings to all incoming presidents in July. In addition, the CA PTA toolkit is available online and can be saved locally to your computers. A Spanish version of the CA PTA Toolkit is also available.  Also, every PTA association officer should have a copy of their bylaws. 

Our district leadership is committed to providing assistance when and where it’s needed.  Also, the district leadership will be reaching out to the association leaders throughout the summer.  Don’t hesitate to contact us with any question you may have.