Available Funding for Literacy Assemblies

Did you know the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools (SBCSS) has available funding for literacy assemblies? On Thursday, October 7th, SBCSS presented information on Literacy Assemblies. Click here to view the Literacy Assembly Presentation, Literacy Assembly Packet , and to read more on the county website.

Reading Matters!

Reading at grade level by third grade is one of the greatest predictors of children’s success in school, their likelihood of going to college, and their future earning potential. 1

In support of the Countywide Vision and the Regional Goal of supporting every child from cradle to career, the Vision2Read initiative is a year-long campaign designed to
  • Focus attention on the importance of reading;
  • Highlight literacy-related programs and services throughout San Bernardino County; and
  • Connect people to available literacy resources and/or volunteer opportunities.
Vision2Read invites all of San Bernardino County to join this effort and help “raise the bar” for literacy in our community and advance our efforts to achieve the Countywide Vision. 

Welcome Membership VPs/Chairs

My name is Christine Kuzdal. I am the new Membership VP for Fifth District PTA. If you need anything, please reach out at Membership@FifthDistrictPTA.org.

First of all, thank you for volunteering to take on this very important position. As you are well aware, we are a membership based organization. Without the work you are doing, we would not be able to function!

For units, if you have not already set up your TOTEM membership site, please do so. It is quick and easy! I am available for help if you get stuck.  This is a link to the information to get started on TOTEM: https://capta.org/pta-leaders/services/electronic-membership-system/

Here are some other membership resources that are very helpful:

Membership Monday Newsletter: https://capta.org/resource/membership-monday/

Membership Section of the Toolkit link: http://toolkit.capta.org/membership/

Building Membership page link: https://capta.org/pta-leaders/run-your-pta/building-membership/

Also, some units have been requesting membership envelopes and cards. The envelopes are $15 for a box of 500, and the cards are free. For those units in a council, please reach out to your council to let them know what your needs are. They will be compiling a list and will arrange for pick-up of these. For those not in council, please reach out to me directly, and we will arrange for pick-up, which will likely be at our office located at 601 N E St, San Bernardino, CA 92415.

Thank you for serving the children of our community!

Eleven Ways to Draw a Crowd to Your PTA Meetings

Family Engagement Image

By Heather Ippolito, California State PTA Vice President for Family Engagement

PTA units are always asking our state leaders “How can we get more people to attend our association meetings and events?” The Leadership Services and Family Engagement commissions teamed up and found some really great strategies to help answer this question that you might want to try in the upcoming school year.*

Visit the California State PTA blog to view tips from the California State PTA Family Engagement and Leadership Commission. 

First Tasks for New PTA Officers

Getting started as a brand-new PTA officer can seem daunting at first. There’s a lot that needs to be done to get things up and running, but who does what, and in what order?

View the list from the link below to help you figure out when and how to schedule meetings, create calendars, and perform other tasks that will ensure that your PTA gets off to a good start! 

First Tasks for New PTA Officers | California State PTA (capta.org)

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