Recording Secretary


Be a member of a local association in good standing within the district PTA boundaries at least thirty (30) days prior to election


The recording secretary shall:
1. Keep an accurate record of the proceedings of all meetings of the district, and the district board and executive committee in a bound book which is the legal record of the district.
2. Be prepared to refer to minutes of previous meetings.
3. Prepare a list of all unfinished business for use of the president.
4. With the president, sign all authorizations for payment authorizing the expenditure of funds following approval by the district or the district board in accordance with these bylaws. (See Check Request System: Payment Authorization (5 .7.1), Finance Section, California State PTA Toolkit.)
5. Record all expenditures in the minutes.
6. Keep a current signed original set of these bylaws and standing rules.
7. Perform such other duties as may be delegated to the secretary.
8. Conduct all necessary correspondence of the district upon authorization of the president, the district board or the district.
9. Notify officers of their election and chairmen of their appointments.
10. Send out notices of district board meetings and executive committee meetings.

1. Maintain a list of those attending each board meeting.
2. Supply motion forms for all district meetings.
3. Sign all payment authorization forms.
4. Maintain a bound master copy of minutes and financial records to be used for audit.
5. Email district and general meeting minutes to the administrative assistant at least fourteen (14)days prior to the district and general meeting. General and annual meeting minutes will be posted at the meetings.
Attend new unit charter meetings with the extension committee.